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The DPMC calculator

DPMC (Dynamic Price Modeling Concept) is connected with the development of a business idea of global reach into
a successful company. The change in the price of a crypto token is shown through a graph in the form of a natural
logarithm. The intensity of change (growth) is influenced by the amount of the market share of the supported project.

Token price vs. Token supply

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The roadmap to sucess

There is a 100% guarantee that the project will be successful in the market if it goes
through the necessary stages of development without skipping.

The advantages of an exchange
within a growing ecosystem

Real volume

Blockchain crowfunding

From an existing project -
to startup - and proof of concept

Token price regulated
according to development stage

Only a step away from stakeholder

Selling to selected buyer
& buying from selected seller

Our platform is a
globally recognized standard
for an open blockchain

With Dynamic Price Modeling Concept we provide:

  • founders of innovative business ideas of global reach with a transparent and controlled environment, using crypto tokens, where that idea turns into a successful company.
  • investors with participation in the company’s success without organizational restrictions.